Haven of Hope


Over the past few years we have developed partnership with a school in Zambia.

Zambia is a beautiful country with many spectacular landmarks like the Victoria Falls and the huge Zambezi river. On the animal reserves you can see animals like antelopes, warthogs, zebras, and giraffes to name a few. English is the official language in Zambia.

Haven of Hope is a Christian school that like ours has pupils from many different religions, cultures and backgrounds. It operates two schools in different towns. One school is based in Ndola and the other is in Luanshya. The two schools are 35 minutes drive apart. Both of these towns are in the Copperbelt Province. The combined population of the two towns is over 530,000. The main employment is in the copper mines and most of the people earn the equivalent of less than 50p a day. The unemployment level is high at around 60% . Haven of Hope serves the poorest communities  in both towns. Both communities have been greatly affected with HIV/AIDS. Many children have been left orphaned and now  live with either grandparents or guardians (aunt, uncle or elder sisters or brothers).

The students at the school are either orphans or vulnerable children. They do not have the means to pay for their education and without Haven of Hope School would not attend school at all. Each school has a total of 60 students ranging from the age of 4 to 14.

The school provide two meals a day for the children as families in the community can afford to eat only once a day. They also provide education, clothes, books, pencils/pens, shoes and medical assistance. All the teachers at the school are dedicated volunteers. Unemployment in Zambia is extremely high so the school director encourages people to give their time to help in the school teaching the vulnerable children who attend.

Our hope for this partnership is to build up a strong friendship with Haven of Hope. Both schools share a commitment in providing the international dimension within their curriculum. We recognise the enormous value in broadening our students’ view of the world via direct links with other cultures, religions and societies. We want our students to have the opportunity to become true global citizens and see a long-term reciprocal relationship between our two schools as making a huge contribution to achieving this aim.

We have been helping the school by fundraising throughout the years for specific projects. Our first project was to help set up a farming club where pupils grew their own vegetables. This has been highly successful and during the first year the school grew enough maize to provide enough Nshima  (a maize porridge) to feed the children for a whole year. In April 2013 we welcomed the director of  Haven of Hope, John Banda, to our school. He joined in lessons and activities and learned a lot about the way we provide education for our children. During his visit we held a fundraising event which  raised around £4000, this money will go a long way to help Haven of Hope with the building of their much needed new school.