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Class Teacher – Mrs L. Cooper

Teaching Assistant – Mrs J. Thompson


Welcome to Class 3C

Happy New Year!

Year 3 have a very busy Spring term planned and have a great deal of exciting activities to squeeze in. Our main topic this term is based around the works of Roald Dahl as well as investigating the man himself. We will be reading a range of his books, exploring his style of writing and trying to copy the great man in our own writing.

The first book we are studying is Matilda. We will be exploring the characters and looking at how Roald Dahl has brought them to life. As Matilda is known for playing tricks on her horrible parents, we will be planning tricks of our own from mysterious super glue to hot sauce incidents.
Watch out parents!

In maths we will be covering a range of topics this term. Firstly we will be studying measurement (length). We will be using a range of equipment to measure, as well as convert between mm, cm and m. After that, we will be looking at written methods of multiplication and division – so keep learning your times tables.


This term the children will be timing themselves running, producing graphs to show this data and comparing it against Usain Bolt. They will make sculpture based on the work of Giacometti, linking this to our skeleton and how our muscles work, naming bones within the body. Through investigation children will build upon prior knowledge of nutrition and types of nutrition. The second half of spring term will see children identifying, naming and describing the different parts of a flowering plant.  They will explore the part that flowers play in the lifecycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.

Our RE topics this term are Journeys, Listening and Sharing and Giving All. Our first topic of Journeys will be looking at the liturgical year and the main events in the Catholic calendar.

In Geography we will be investigating the UK. Throughout the topic we will be learning about the different countries in the United Kingdom, as well as the names and locations of some of our counties. We will also be looking at some cities and comparing to others in the country and around the World.

United Kingdom Map

Computing this term is very exciting. We will be choosing a Roald Dahl book and turning a scene from it into an animated video clip. Using coloured clay, we will create our own characters and use stop motion technology to produce a short video clip. The children will have to think about backdrops and voiceover as well to complete the video in a professional manner.

Our PE sessions will still be on a Tuesday afternoon – games with 780 coaching and dance/music with Miss Emma. Please remember PE kits on this day. 



Mathletics - 1000 points weekly. Checked on a Monday

Reading - Reading books changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. Children should complete comprehension book before changing reading book. 

Spellings - Spellings handed out on and tested on a Thursday. 

English/Maths Homework - Given out on a Friday and handed in on a Wednesday.