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Class Teacher – Mrs L. Cooper

Teaching Assistant – Mrs J. Thompson


Welcome to Class 3C

Our creative curriculum this term is World War 2. We will be investigating the impact the war had on Britain, focusing mainly on the Homefront. This will involve work on rationing, evacuation, the Blitz and much more. The children have already enjoyed our Evacuation Day were they became children of the war. They joined in lots of WW2 related activities such as rag rug making, baking, gas mask box making and Home Guard drills. The majority of curriculum areas will be covered in this topic from music to computing.

Winston Churchill

In English this term, we will be basing all of our activities around our World War 2 topic. We will start by reading ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’ by Shirley Hughes, which is a beautifully illustrated book about a small boy who is evacuated away from London to the countryside. The children will be learning about letter techniques as well as writing their own. We will also be working on different grammar elements such as subordinate clauses, conjunctions and present perfect tense. Spelling will continue as before; looking at the year 3 spelling words and patterns.  Handwriting will be a massive focus this term, as we want the children to be year 4 ready.

In maths we will be covering a wide range of objectives. Firstly, we will be adding and subtracting fractions that have the same denominator and then transferring these skills into reasoning problems. We are also learning about different aspects of shapes and angles particularly focusing on right angles and being able to spot them in other objects. Statistics is another area we will be working on this term.

The year 3 end of year assessments will take place in June.

Science this next term will see year 3 looking at light, forces and magnets. We will look at how the shadow changes according to the position of the sun, investigating this throughout the day. We will experiment with how shiny things respond in the dark. In our forces and magnets topic, we will compare how things move on different surfaces, observe how magnets attract or repel and be able to explain these terms.

Our RE topics this term are Pentecost, Reconciliation and Universal Church. In these topics we will cover a wide range of areas. We will be learning about the season of Pentecost and how it impacts on Christians today. During the reconciliation topic, year 3 will be investigating the Sacrament of Reconciliation – what it involves and what it means to Christians.

Our PE sessions will still be covered by 780 coaching and Miss Emma on a Tuesday afternoon.



Mathletics - 1000 points weekly. Checked on a Monday

Reading - Reading books changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. Children should complete comprehension book before changing reading book. 

Spellings - Spellings handed out on and tested on a Thursday. 

English/Maths Homework - Given out on a Friday and handed in on a Wednesday.