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Class Teacher – Mrs N. Drury

Teaching Assistant – Mrs S. Coe

Teaching Assistant - Mrs L. Igoe

Year 4 Curriculum 

Welcome to Class 4D

Our topics in RE this term are:

  • Community – where children learn about the communities they belong to; investigating the local parish – knowing how this supports the local community.
  • The Eucharist where children learn about the Eucharist within the Mass.
  • Self- Discipline relating to Lent and the preparation for Easter.


Using and understanding fractions and decimals as money is a focus for the beginning of this term. We will also be looking at time and measurement including area and perimeter of shape. Revision of multiplication and division facts is an ongoing target for the children throughout the year.


 In English this term we are comparing two Pinocchio stories, the original version by Carlo Collodi and a modern version written from Pinocchio’s point of view by Michael Morpurgo. The story will come to life as we explore the characters and develop our own writing based on the key features of the story. We will be working hard to improve our handwriting and develop our punctuation and grammatical features.


Our creative topic this term is Italy and Gepetto’s World (Puppets). We will be researching Italy and its physical features and designing and creating our own puppets.

Our science topic this term includes habitats and the living world including classification, keys and foodchains.


Mathletics - 2000 points weekly. Checked on a Monday

Reading - 3 reads weekly. Checked on a Monday

Spellings - Spelling book handed in on a Thursday