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Class Teacher – Mrs N. Drury

Teaching Assistant – Mrs S. Coe

Teaching Assistant - Mrs L. Igoe

Year 4 Curriculum 

Welcome to Class 4D

Our topics in RE this term are:

  • New life – children will learn about Pentecost and the power of The Holy Spirit.
  • Building Bridges- children will learn about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • God’s People- children will learn about different Saints who show people what God is like.



This term we will begin by looking at shape which will include investigating at the properties and classification of shape and co-ordinates, including plotting and translations. We will follow this on with some work on fractions, revising how to identify equivalent fractions and noting decimal equivalence to fractions. We will conclude this term with our statistics topic, where children will learn to handle a variety of data in many ways, such as bar charts. Revision of multiplication and division facts is an ongoing target for the children throughout the year.


 In English this term we are looking at poetry including writing and performing our own poems. The children are very enthusiastic about our model poem which is called The Magic Box, written by Kit Wright. The children will be given the chance to perform this and then use it as a model for their own writing. We will also cover chronological and non-chronological reports linked to our creative curriculum topic this term. The children will time travel to Ancient Egypt to investigate the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and become reporters. They will write their own newspaper report. We will continue to work hard to improve our handwriting and develop our punctuation and grammatical features

.Creative Curriculum

Our creative topic this term is Ancient Egypt. As part of this, the children will be discovering the process of mummification through mummifying a tomato. We will consider the challenges the Egyptians faced when building the pyramids and how these are still significant in Egypt today. We will be visiting The Collection in Lincoln where the children will be given the chance to handle real and replica artefacts from the time period and discuss their uses. Also, we will learn about the Gods that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped and dramatising our learning experiences.


Our science topics this term include Sound and States of Matter. We will look at how sounds are made, pitch and volume and experiment with distance of sounds. In our states of matter topic, we will look at grouping materials into solids, liquids and gases and investigating materials that change state. We will also look at the water cycle.


Mathletics - 2000 points weekly. Checked on a Monday

Reading - 3 reads weekly. Checked on a Monday

Spellings - Spelling book handed in on a Thursday