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Class Teacher - Miss L. Dunkerley

Teaching Assistant - Mrs C. Stewart

Year 5 Curriculum

Welcome to Class 5D


In English this term, we are exploring poetry, beginning with ‘All for Helen’, before moving onto the Highwayman. Throughout the term, we will continue to spend a lot of time working on our comprehension skills to improve the pace of reading and develop the children’s confidence in answering a range of different styles of questions and understand more complex vocabulary. Following this, we will look at non-fiction texts and organisational devices.

School Desk M 20 Phillipmartin Clip Art

In Maths, we will be continuing to consolidate maths skills already learnt. We will begin the term measuring, drawing and calculating angles before moving onto covering geometry and statistics. We will also continue to develop problem solving and reasoning skills, applying all skills we have learnt so far.

In our Creative Curriculum, we are excited to be completing a Geography based topic called ‘Marvellous Maps’. This will give us the opportunity to develop map reading skills, as well as recognising important map symbols, understanding compass points and planning routes. We are really excited to be able to take some of this work outdoors (if the weather lets us) and put what we have learnt into practise.

Through our RE topic this term, we will be exploring the transformation of energy through the fruits of the spirit, considering how rules bring freedom by exploring the sacrament of reconciliation and the 10 commandments and how we can be a steward of creation through respecting and caring for creation.

Science this term is focussing on the properties of different materials. During this topic, we will be carrying out investigations looking at dissolving, separating mixtures and reversible and irreversible changes. We will also be exploring the topic of Space, looking at night and day and the movement of the moon.

PE will continue to be on a Wednesday afternoon with 780 coaching. We also have the exciting opportunity to develop our skipping skills and also learning some skipping tricks with Mr Barraclough, who is a skipping expert!

PSHE will be covered throughout the curriculum and through regular classroom discussions as issues arise, as well as in some stand-alone lessons to tackle more complex issues. RSE will also be completed this term, as we welcome the Big Talk team back into school on the 22nd May 2019.


In Year 5, children are expected to complete a minimum of 2000 points on Mathletics each week, 3 reads at home each week, spelling homework each week, as well as any English or Maths sheets to consolidate learning from lessons.

Mathletics – checked every Monday morning

Spellings – given out on a Friday, returned to school the following Thursday

Reading – checked on a Thursday

English/Maths – sent out on a Friday to be returned the following Monday