Class Teacher - Mr R. Dickinson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs C. Stewart

Welcome to Year 5


During our English topics this term, we will be covering two texts. Firstly, we will be studying ‘Where Once We Stood’ by Christopher Riley. We will be exploring the difference between vocabulary of informal speech and appropriate formal speech. Modal verbs will be an important part of our writing this term too. We will be using adverbials and dashes to mark boundaries between independent clauses. By the end of the unit, we will have written an exploration narrative and formal report. Our second text is FArTHER by Grahame Baker Smith. During this text we will be consolidating everything we have learnt in the first text as well as parenthesis and the use of passive form.

Creative Writing


During maths this term, we will be covering a wide range of mathematical techniques. Firstly, we look at place value within 100,000 including roman numerals before moving onto place value within 1,000,000. We then move on addition and subtraction techniques using larger numbers. After that, we will investigate graphs and table before moving on multiplication and division. Finally, we will be looking at area and perimeter.


During RE this term, we will be covering four units – Ourselves, Life Choices, Hope and Judaism. In our first unit (Ourselves), we will be looking at how each person is made in the image and likeness of God as well as knowing ourselves and appreciating that our value and uniqueness is central to our wellbeing. Next, we move onto Life Choices. This is our first Sacramental topic of the year and within this unit we study marriage. Hope is linked to Advent and everything that encompasses. Finally, we will study Judaism this term – looking at the Seder plate and the symbolism behind each of the items.

Art and Design

Our first art topic of the year is a study of subtractive drawing as well as a study of Hundertwasser’s abstract art. We will look at his use of lines and colour before attempting to recreate our own versions using water colour paint and black pen. After half term, we move on printmaking and learn a new printing process called reduction printing. We will then apply this knowledge and combine them to produce an overlaid image. Andy Warhol is also an important feature of this unit therefore we will be studying some of his art.  


During this term, we will start our science adventure by studying different properties of materials. This includes conductors, insulator, magnetism solubility, hardness and transparency. We will be conducting many investigations and experiments in this unit. Throughout this topic, we will also be learning about atoms, molecules and particles. After half term, we move onto Animals including Humans. In this topic, we look at our humans and animals change over time.


During our geography topic, we start by investigating locations of major countries and cities around the world before moving onto biomes. We will look at what biomes are and how they are different all over the World. This will then lead to work on physical features of the different continents.


In our first computing topic of the year, we will be looking at the importance of search engines. We will then investigate ways of using them as well as the importance of e-safety.


Our first major history topic this year is the Ancient Greeks. We start by thinking about who the Ancient Greeks were and when they ruled before moving onto their beliefs and culture. We will be using different pieces of evidence to discover new information. We look at the city states of Athens and Sparta as well as the battles the ensued between them. Theatre and the Olympic games are important features of this topic therefore we look at how they developed over the years and the impact they had on the people of Ancient Greece. We complete this unit on a study of Alexander the Great and look at the impact he had on the world.

Design and Technology

Food and Nutrition is our first topic this year in D&T. We will be learning about Middle Eastern and Danish diets as well as making flatbreads. We will be using different techniques throughout this unit from rolling, clawing and ribboning. Later in the term, we start our textiles topic where we will be investigating durability of different fabrics. We will then design and make a functional and hardwearing lunch bag as well as creating fair tests to investigate the different properties of a range of fabrics.


Alongside this in school PE lessons, the children supported by ‘780 Coaching’, will be investigating invasion games and team games. For our indoor PE, we will be learning body management skills such as balance and co-ordination.  Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday, so please send your child in their PE kits on these days.


In our French lessons this term, we will be revising noun gender, using the correct article to go with nouns and placing adjectives in the correct place. The children will look at an authentic French text to identify key facts about an animal and characteristics of a factual text, and work towards writing paragraphs to describe their own monster creations.  Later in the term, we move onto developing their scientific language as well as their grammar. Children will develop their listening and language detective skills, using figurative language and develop their sentence structure.