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Class Teacher - Mrs E. Hill

Teaching Assistant - Mrs C. Mitchell

Teaching Assistant - Mrs L. Igoe

Welcome to Class 4H

In English this term, we are looking at the text How to be a Viking. The story will come to life as we explore the characters and develop our own writing based on the key features of the story. We will be working hard to improve our handwriting and develop our punctuation and grammatical features. Later we will be studying some of the fantastic works of Michael Morpurgo.

In our creative curriculum topic we are finding about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and considering why they came to settle in the United Kingdom. Children will create their own independent project about an aspect of these people. We will be looking at colour in nature and considering Viking skills by trying our hand at weaving.

In Numeracy we will be building on our previously learnt number skills developing our understanding of place value – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing and then progressing onto problem solving and reasoning.

In our RE topics this term we are looking at the family of God in scripture, confirmation; being called to the church and God’s gift of love and friendship in Jesus.

We are very excited about starting our swimming lessons this term. Where we will all gain confidence in the water and improve our swimming strokes. 

In Science, children will learn about the digestive system labelling and describing the simple functions of a life size diagram. They will look at their teeth and identify the different types of teeth and compare to other animals, understanding the words herbivore and carnivore.  They will be able to explain and complete simple food chains.  


Mathletics - 2000 points weekly. Checked on a Monday

Reading - 3 reads weekly. Checked on a Monday

Spellings - Spelling book handed in on a Thursday