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Class Teacher - Mr R. Dickinson

Class Teacher - Mrs B. Wynne 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Ladlow

Teaching Assistant - Mrs S. Begum

Welcome to Class 3DW

3DW's Talk for Writing Work

Welcome to year 3 and the start of juniors. We have got lots of exciting activities planned for this term and Mr Dickinson, Mrs Wynne and Mrs Potter cannot wait to begin.

Early Man and FireOur creative curriculum topic this term is the Stone Age and we will be exploring many different areas. We will be creating our own cave paintings, thinking carefully about the materials the Stone Age people would have had to use. We shall be investigating their houses, clothes and food as well as taking a closer look at the mighty Stonehenge. Throughout the topic, we will be creating models, art work and music. Watch out – we may be turning into Stone Age children by the end of the topic.

In English this term, we are first looking at Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne - investigating the text using Talk for Writing techniques. Stripping the story back and thoroughly looking at the vocabulary used before planning our own journey story using the features we have learnt from Anthony Browne. We will then move onto a non-fiction piece before finishing the term looking at How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth, which is an instructional text. During the term, we will also be looking at many different grammar and punctuation areas of the curriculum as well as keeping an eye on our handwriting skills – making sure we are presenting our writing neatly. The spelling rules for the Autumn term are suffixes, prefixes, double and single consonants and y as the i sound.

                                                                                                                                     Creative Writing

In Maths, we will be mainly concentrating on number aspects of the curriculum – starting with place value elements such as recognising values of digits, writing numbers in words and ordering numbers to 1000 before moving onto addition and subtraction both mentally and written methods. 

Holy Family

Our first RE topic this term is called Homes and Family. We will be exploring our own homes and thinking about how we should treat others not just in our own family but the wider community. We will also investigate the Holy Family and the impact Mary and Joseph had on the life of Jesus. We will then move onto baptism, looking at the main symbols and giving reasons for these. Finally, we will be looking at Advent and Christmas.

In Science, children will answer the question – What rocks did the Flintstones use for the wheels of their car? In answering this children will learn how rocks are formed, be able to group them on their characteristics, name their uses and know the 3 main types of rocks. They will describe in simple terms how fossils are formed and know how soils are made. 

Our PPA sessions this year will be covered by 780 coaching and Mrs Small. 780 coaching we will be covering our PE and sport elements of the curriculum. Mrs Small will be teaching french. Merci Madame Small. 



Spellings: Spelling lists are handed out on a Monday. The children can use any activity from the spelling activity books and complete at least three activities in their spelling books. They then need to be handed back in on the next Monday to be checked. 

Mathletics: Mathletics is checked every Monday and the children need to have done at least 1000 points. 

Reading: Reading books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Sheets: If any sheets of homework are sent home, they are sent out on a Monday and need to be handed back in on the next Monday.