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Reading Tips for Parents


Please see the attached leaflet below about how parents can support their children with reading. 

Top Reading Tips for Parents



Scunthorpe Christmas Lights


Please find below a message from the Scunthorpe Christmas Lights Team

Join us for this year's Scunthorpe fire and ice themed Christmas Lights Switch On, taking place on Saturday 24 November. 

We'd like to extend a special invitation to children who would like to enter our fire and ice themed fancy dress competition. We have two age categories for 0-5 year olds and 6-10 year olds. To take part please come along to the Switch On and gather in the main gallery of 20-21 Visual Arts Centre at 4pm to show off your costume. The children with the best themed costumes will then be invited to go on the Lincs FM stage at 4.50pm where a winner will be picked by everyone's favourite pantomime dame, Annie Fanny, and prize awarded. Fire up your imagination and get ready to 'snow'-off your best fire and ice themed costumes!

Through out the day we've lots going on for all in the Town Centre, from a Festive Continental Street Market, fairground rides and appearances by the Ice King and Queen, even Olaf will be saying hello!  Have your picture taken in our giant snow globe or even go and greet the reindeer.  Why not go and warm up in either 20-21 Visual Arts Centre or Scunthorpe Central whilst taking part in craft activities.

From 3.30pm Lincs FM will be hosting our lights switch on in Church Square with entertainment from Ariane Grande by Amilia and children's entertainer live on stage.  Annie Fanny will be back on stage to switch the lights on at 5pm which will be followed by a spectacular fireworks display!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Parent Governor Election


The count for parent governor election took place tody and Mrs Abdi-Stephenson was duly elected as parent governor. Congratulations to Mrs Abdi-Stephenson and thank you to Mrs Cooper for standing for nomination. Thank you to everyone who voted too. 

Christmas Bazaar



We are holding our Bazaar in the school hall on Friday 07 December 2018 between 4pm and 6pm. This is our only fundraising event of the year for our school and proceeds of which go towards improvement of the school and provides parties, presents etc for all the children. We do, of course, need items for all the stalls and I list below what sort of goods are needed. Please can you send in any items. Please give us your full support.

  • Chocolate Tombola – try and win a chocolate treat!
  • Santa – will be visiting again this year. Come along and meet him.
  • Grand Raffle – First prize is £250 and the second prize is £75. There will be other prizes too. Donations of raffle prizes would be gratefully appreciated. Enclosed are 5 books of tickets, please you do your upmost to sell and return the counterfoils/money with completed names/telephone number to school by Monday 30 November 2018. Thank you
  • Bottle Stall – due to popular demand – this stall is returning this year but with a twist. Please can you send in full bottles of wine/spirits/beer etc – this is an extremely popular stall and your generous donations will be gratefully received.
  • Cake Stall – another popular stall. Please can you send in your cake donations on the morning of the bazaar.
  • Tombola – A great bargain at 20p per go. Prizes for this would be appreciated.
  • Toy Stall -  Cars, lorries, trains, cuddly toys, jigsaws, games etc. Toys which have been outgrown are needed but must be in good condition and jigsaws sorted out with no pieces missing. This is not a jumble sale as some of the toys donated are like new and great stocking fillers at a very low cost. Please do not send in any McDonald Toys.
  • Refreshments – A welcome rest and the chance to chat to old friends and new. Tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits on sale.
  • Pick a Prize – a favourite stall – donations for this stall would be appreciated.
  • Book Stall – another favourite stall for both young and old readers

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 6 SAW Network Club


Year 6- Please click the link below to book your child into SAW Network News Club



Harvest Festival


This week we will be celebrating Harvest Festival in school. Foundation and KS1 will be holding two celebrations (Thursday 11th October 2.15pm and Friday 12th October 10am) and KS2 will be involved in a Harvest Mass on Wednesday 10th October at 10am. All parents/carers are welcome to attend. 

We will be collecting non-perishable foods (tins, packets, pasta, rice etc) for the Scunthorpe Food Bank who support families in our area. Your donations will be gratefully received. Please kindly send any donations to the school with your child throughout this week. 

Thank you for your support. 

Flu Vaccinations


Please take a look at the information sheet below regarding flu vaccinations and questions you may want answered.  


Flu Myth Busters

Myth: Flu is just a heavy cold

Fact: Flu and colds are different. Flu usually lasts longer and causes more severe symptoms, even worse than a heavy cold. Flu carries the risk of serious and life threatening complications. Flu can take a long time to recover with lingering fatigue and other symptoms often persisting for several weeks.

Myth: Influenza is not dangerous

Fact: For the majority of people flu is a very unpleasant illness but it can result in chest infections, pneumonia, severe complications and death. Globally seasonal influenza accounts for 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness each year and 250,000 to 500,000 deaths (WHO 2014). Young children, older people, pregnant women and those with underlying health issues are at increased risk of some of the serious complications such as ear infections which can cause permanent damage, bronchitis and pneumonia and death.

Myth: The vaccination can give you flu

Fact: The vaccine cannot cause flu because the viruses have been weakened or killed to prevent this from happening. It takes about 2 weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective and in this period or just before flu vaccine is given it is possible to catch flu and then attribute illness to the vaccine. Some of the possible side effects of vaccination are ‘flu like’ symptoms but will not be as severe, lead to serious complications or last as long as flu.

Myth: The nasal flu vaccine ‘sheds’ from vaccinated children and will infect others

Fact: Some people worry that children who have had a live nasal flu vaccine can pass infection onto other people. Unlike natural flu infection which spreads easily during the flu season, the amount of virus shed is below that needed to spread infection to other healthy people and the virus will not survive for long outside of the body as it is much less able to spread from person to person than the natural flu infection.

In schools using vaccine, therefore, the overall risk of contact with influenza viruses is massively reduced by having most children vaccinated. There have been no recorded incidents of serious illness amongst immunocompromised contacts who have been inadvertently exposed to vaccine virus.



Myth: Vaccines are full of dangerous chemicals and ingredients


Fact: The key components of flu vaccine are active ingredients which challenge the immune system to make antibodies to flight flu infection.  These ingredients are called antigens. Apart from these, the main ingredient is water.

Additional ingredients are used to stabilise the antigens, keep the vaccine sterile and maintain its correct acidity levels. It is important to understand that any ingredient of vaccine is present in microscopic levels (the whole of the nasal flu vaccine is only 0.2ml in volume), has been scientifically proven to be safe and often occurs naturally in the body anyway.


Myth: My child is fit and healthy so doesn’t need the vaccination

Fact: Healthy people can develop severe complications as a consequence of flu. It is also possible to carry and pass the virus onto others without having any symptoms. Children are more likely to spread flu viruses because they do not always understand the importance of hand hygiene, sneezing into tissues etc and touch multiple surfaces.

Myth: It is better for children to build their own immunity

Fact: In order to build natural immunity, the individual needs to have been infected with the disease. Given the risks of most vaccine preventable diseases including flu, it is safer to give a vaccine to protect and prevent the disease in the first place. Natural infection does not guarantee immunity in the future.

Myth: Flu is only caught from coughs and sneezes

Fact: Flu viruses travel in droplets in the air when an infected person coughs, breaths and sneezes, they usually enter the body through the nasal passages. However, colds and flu viruses land on surfaces and can spread through hand contact. Items such as toys, books, IT equipment and hard surfaces can easily become contaminated. The virus can then be passed on through direct or indirect contact with these items. Regularly decontaminating hands and good housekeeping can help to stop the spread of infection but alone will not be sufficient to prevent influenza infection.

Myth: I had the vaccination last year so don’t need it again

The vaccine for seasonal flu can change each year, to help protect against circulating strains of the virus. This means that the vaccine administered last year might not protect against flu this year. The vaccine is also time limited so annual vaccination is recommended to achieve the best protection.

Welcome back!


Welcome to a new year at SAW and our first as a member of St Therese of Lisieux Catholic Multi Academy Trust. Please click the link to read a letter from Louise Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of the Trust.

Letter to Parents from the CEO