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Teacher- Mrs H. Isaac

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Hayward-Mitchell

Year 1 Curriculum


Welcome to Class 1I

Happy New Year from Class 1I

This term through our topic of ‘Is there a man on the moon?’ we will be learning about space and familiarising the children with maps and the British Isles. We have lots of stimulating activities planned including learning about animals and humans, designing and building a rocket and creating our own artwork inspired by Van Gough. We are excited to be researching famous people focusing on Neil Armstrong’s trip to the moon.

In English we will be developing our phonic knowledge through the Read Write Inc scheme. We will be using ‘talk for writing’ immerse ourselves in fiction and factual  books about space.  We will focus on the skills of being able to re enact, retell and write more independently writing our own space stories and instructions on to build a rocket.                                 

In Numeracy we will be furthering our maths skills of counting, partitioning, calculating, securing number facts and representing numbers in various ways. We will be practising counting in twos, fives and tens. We are really excited to be incorporating our Numicon and outdoor maths resources into our lessons.

In RE we are learning about God’s Love for us through our topics of ‘Special People, ‘Meals’ ’ and ‘Change’.

In Design Technology we will be designing and making our own Rockets. Our Art will focus on Van Gough’s ‘Starry Night’ picture.

In computing we will be making a film about space, learning to code and manipulate a picture. Our music links to this as we will be composing our own space music on the ipads.

Our Geography focus will be to find out about the British Isles.

In PE  the children practising ball skills and team games, in addition to developing gross motor skills outdoors.


three reads a week, the children will be expected to read their book at home at least three times a week to an adult to ensure secure progress.

Mathletics: at least 400 points on Mathletics 

Handwriting: a short handwriting practise sheet to consolidate number and letter formation which we are focusing on in class.

Your support with these activities is always greatly appreciated.