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Class Teacher - Mrs J. Potter

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Thompson


Welcome to Class 3P

Our creative curriculum topic this term is the United Kingdom. We will be using maps and atlases to discover more about the UK especially looking at our local area. By the end of the topic, the children will recognise the 4 countries that make up the UK, as well as cities, rivers, mountains etc.

UK Map

In English this term, we are going to become experts on William Shakespeare. We start the term reading and investigating Macbeth, particularly looking at the characters and their emotions. This will then lead onto us extending and enhancing our own version of Macbeth. There will be lots of drama activities involved in this work. After re-writing our own versions of Macbeth, we will be looking at biographies. The children will be creating their own biography for a character from Macbeth.

In maths we are starting the term with multiplication and then leading onto fraction work. During this time, the children will learn a written method of short multiplication as well as linking this to numerous problem solving activities. Our fraction work will look at fraction of a number and simple fraction multiplications.

In art, we will be looking at portraits and then creating our own portraits of Macbeth charaacters. To do this the children will need to take care with their sketching and pencil control.

In RE, we start with the topic ‘Journeys’. In this topic, the children will be investigating the liturgical calendar and the important signs and symbols that go with the different events and seasons throughout the year.

This term the children will be timing themselves running, producing graphs to show this data and comparing it against Usain Bolt. They will make sculpture based on the work of Giacometti, linking this to our skeleton and how our muscles work, naming bones within the body. Through investigation children will build upon prior knowledge of nutrition and types of nutrition. The second half of spring term will see children identifying, naming and describing the different parts of a flowering plant. They will explore the part that flowers play in the lifecycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.

In the second half of the term we will be developing our performance skills in preparation for our Easter performance.



Spellings: Spelling lists are handed out on a Monday. The children can use any activity from the spelling activity books and complete at least three activities in their spelling books. They then need to be handed back in on the next Monday to be checked. 

Mathletics: Mathletics is checked every Monday and the children need to have done at least 1000 points. 

Reading: Reading books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Sheets: If any sheets of homework are sent home, they are sent out on a Monday and need to be handed back in on the next Monday.