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Class Teacher - Mrs J. Potter

Teaching Assistant - Mrs A. Miller


Welcome to Class 3P


This half term year 3 will be exploring the work of William Shakespeare, through the play Macbeth. Using “Talk for Writing” creating actions for the play and a story map to help us remember the text. We will be focusing on the element of suspense in Macbeth and we will be recreating this in our own innovated stories. We will also be looking at biographies and the features within them, following the Shakespeare theme, focusing on the biography of William Shakespeare. This will help us to build on explanation within our writing. Image result for phillip martin clipart shakespeare"


Last term place value, addition and subtraction and number patterns was a main focus in year 3. This prior learning has enabled us to move forward this term and focus on multiplication and division. Working on our 3,4,8 and 9 times tables. Investigating divisibility, problem solving and related division and multiplication facts.


In science we will be exploring plants. Investigating questions such as; what are the different parts of a plant called? What function do these parts carry out in order to keep the plant alive and aid in its growth? What do plants need to grow so well? Year 3 will be carrying out our own research and spending some time in the iStation, where we will have some practical, hands on experiments.

Topic – Geography

This is the first geography topic year 3 will be focusing on this half term. As the title of the topic ‘Extreme Earth’ suggests; earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis will be our focus. We will also explore the question ‘what is under our feet?’ to discover the layers of the earth.


Our next RE topic in year 3 is Journeys. The experience of community is an essential part of life for people of every age and faith. We will be thinking about; which celebrations are we looking forward to in the coming months? How do we celebrate at home and in our community, who takes part? This will help us to link our thoughts and feelings to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this is the liturgical life of the Church and how it revolves around the seven Sacraments.


Image result for phillip martin clipart france"

This half term we are very excited to take part in performance dance during our indoor PE lessons, we will be working together a lot of the time as a year group. Exploring different shapes we can make with our bodies and how we can combine these to make a show stopping dance. Athletics is our outdoor PE focus this half term.


We have loved learning a new language and exploring the cultural differences between France and England in year 3 last term. This half term we will be building our French number knowledge, extending our prior learning of numbers 0-10 to numbers to 20. We will be looking at ‘ma famille’ and practising how to introduce our family in French.


Music this term in year 3 is linked to French, we will be listening closely to two French songs. 



Spellings: Spelling lists are handed out on a Monday. The children can use any activity from the spelling activity books and complete at least three activities in their spelling books. 

Mathletics: Mathletics is checked every Monday and the children need to have done at least 1000 points. 

Reading: Reading books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Sheets: If any sheets of homework are sent home, they are sent out on a Monday and need to be handed back in on the next Monday.