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Class Teacher – Mrs L. Cooper

Teaching Assistant – Mrs J. Ladlow

Year 2 Curriculum


Welcome to Class 2C

In year 2 this term our topic is over and under the sea. We will be learning about geographical features of the seaside, both human and physical and things that we might find, both on the shore and underwater. We will be finding out the names of some seaside towns and the location of them in the United Kingdom. We will also be looking at different types of habitats animals may have and finding out about living and non-living things. In history we will be looking at how the seaside has changed over the years and how holidays have changed. We will also be researching Grace Darling and the history of the RNLI.

Myrtle Beach

 In Literacy we will be investigating information texts.  We will be reading The Lighthouse Keeper and Katie Morag books. We  will be sharing different types of books  with our partner class and continuing to do a variety of reading activities.

 In maths we will be doing lots of practical activities focussing on measures including measuring and weighing.  We will be  programming human robots to follow  instructions and directions.  We will continue to work on our problem solving skills and  carry out investigations.  It is important the children know their 2, 5 and 10  times tables for rapid recall.  We appreciate all  the practise you do with this at home. 



 In RE our topics are spread the word, rules and treasures. Within the spread the word children will retell and describe how we can spread the message of the  Gospel through the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Within the topic of rules we will be considering the being sorry and forgiving others.  Our final topic will be treasures. This topic will teach the children to understand the world is God’s treasure given to us. 

We will have lots of opportunity to show how creative we are in year 2! We will be making music that reflects the sound of the sea and using pastels, paint and chalks to draw pictures of the seaside. We will be making large scale models and sculptures using a variety of materials.