Class Teacher -Mr R. Dickinson

Teaching Assistant - Miss J. Driffill (am)

Teaching Assistant - Miss H. Mahi (pm)

During this term, we will be covering a wide range of exciting topics over several subjects.


In English we will be studying the book “The King who Banned the Dark” by Emily Haworth Booth. We will be investigating persuasive letter writing and looking at all the features that are involved in both letter writing and persuasive writing – rhetorical questions, powerful noun phrases, conjunction to add extra information – to name a few. This will then lead onto a more narrative approach to the text. The children will be writing their own story about something that gets banned. After half term, we will be studying a new text, “Rosie Revere Engineer” by Andrea Beaty. During this time, we will be investigating explanation texts and invention narratives. We will continuing with our reading groups looking at inference and deduction skills.   


In maths this term, we are going to start with fractions, specifically looking at halves, quarters and thirds to start with. This will then lead onto unit fractions and non-unit fractions, equivalence of a half and 2 quarters, three-quarters and problem solving with fractions. We then move onto position and direction, which will include describing movement and turns. After that, we are studying time, mass, capacity and temperature.Free Catholic Church Clip Art by Phillip Martin


Our first topic this term is Spread the Word. During this topic we will be exploring Jesus' Ascension as well as Pentecost Day - specifically looking at the feelings of the disciples at different points during the story. We will also be investigating how we celebrate Pentecost in the church today. Our next topic is Rules and we will be recognise the story of Peter asking Jesus about forgiveness as well as describing religious words and signs that Christians use to express sorrow and forgiveness. Our final topic of the year is Treasures. During this Cafod topic, we will be retelling special stories about creation and treasuring our world as well as describing ways in which religion is lived out by believers in terms of treasuring God's World. We also get the opportunity this term to explore another faith - Hinduism. In this unit, we will be exploring Puja, a prayer service ritual that honours a God or deity. We will look at how this is done and the items used during Puja. 


In Science this term, we will be exploring all things plants. We will look at how plants grow and what they need to thrive, the differences between a bulb and a seed and the different ways in which they germinate. We may also get the chance to do some planting or our own. At the end of the term, we will also be revisiting our previous topic on Animals including humans. 

Rainforest Animals Clipart, Download Free Clip Art on Clipart BayGeography

We will becoming explorers this term in geography. Firstly, we will exploring the Amazon Rainforest and the Yanomani tribe. We will start by looking at the locations of different rainforest across the world before studying the Amazon Rainforest in more detail. The Yanomani tribe live in the Amazon Rainforest and we will be exploring their way of life as well as comparing it to our own. Later in the term, we will then be looking at maps and fieldwork. 


We are going to become animators in computing this term as we are studying stop motion animation. We will be creating our own models and exploring the skills required to make a stop motion animation recording. 


During our history topic this term, we will be studying our local area's history. We start by looking at the Domesday Book and the reasons behind it before moving onto Henry VIII and the reformation, especially looking at Melwood Priory and how it affected Saint Augustine Webster. We will also be studying Normanby Hall and the Sheffield family - exploring ways in which they affected our local area. Finally, we will look at the development of the steel works in Scunthorpe - how they started and developed and who was involved.