Class Teacher -Mr R. Dickinson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs L. Vitello
Teaching Assistant - Mrs G. Cummings

Welcome to Year 2

Neil ArmstrongOur topic this term is Intrepid Explorers! During this topic we will be researching different explorers through the ages including Christopher Columbus, Roald Amundson and Neil Armstrong. We will also be looking at the different terrains they explored as well as looking at the equipment they needed to survive their adventures. Maps will play an important part of this topic and we will be learning how to read them as well as making our own of the school and local area.

In English this term, we will be using Greta and the Giants as our text to explore the environment and how we can protect it. This will be done by exploring letter writing, as we will be writing letters to the giants to persuade them to look after the World better. We will be looking at letter features but also persuasive tools too. Adjectives are also playing a key role in this topic and we will be trying to improve our vocabulary selection. During the course of the year, we will also be concentrating heavily on phonics and preparing the children for their next stage. We will hold phonics lessons every day to assist in the catch up. 

We start with place value in our Power Maths lesson this term. We will be representing 100 in different ways using different equipment such as base 10, Numicon and ten frames before moving onto partitioning. After that we will be exploring different ways we can add and subtract 2 digit numbers. 

In RE, year 2 will be reading the scripture linking to the creation story and retelling this accurately. We will also be looking at beginnings and the different beginnings we have had so far in our lives from starting school to starting a new club/hobby. We will also be celebrating Collective Worship twice a week. 

In science, we are looking at different materials and what objects are made of. We will then go on to investigate the different properties of these materials and why some are more suited to some jobs than others. For the rest of Advent 1, we will be conducting investigations every week and then writing about what we have found. We are going to become proper scientists!

Has anyone heard of Barbara Hepworth? Well year 2 are going to be the sculptors of the future. We are going to be exploring sculptures and different sculptors before moving onto clay techniques. After this we are going to be designing and making our own 3D rocket sculpture out of clay. 

Our PE day is Tuesday and we will be taking part in outdoor PE activities every week. Our first topic is object control and we will be looking at different rolling, throwing and catching techniques.