Class Teacher -Miss M. Allen

Teaching Assistant - Mrs A. Miller

In Science, children will learn about rocks and soils. They will learn how rocks are formed, be able to group them on their characteristics, name their uses and know the three main types of rocks. They will describe in simple terms how fossils are formed and know how soils are made.


The spelling rules for the Autumn term are suffixes, prefixes, double and single consonants and y as the i sound. Phonics assessment will also be completed.

English for the first few weeks will be based around the book ‘Here we are’ looking at the world around us. Children will then write their own journey to another planet, through ‘talk for writing’ techniques. After this they will use ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ as a tool for further fiction writing, completing instructions and diary extract. 

Maths will see children looking at place value within 1000, following on to addition and subtraction and then multiplication and division.

Our history topic for the Advent term is all about Egyptians. Children will understand chronology, investigate and interpret the past, building an overview of world history. They will learn about the mummification process and why possessions were buried. Various Gods will be researched and children will be able to state their importance. Art and DT for the term will also be linked to our topic of Egyptians, where hieroglyphics and printing will be completed, along with tomb paintings, the creation of death masks and using pneumatics to create a moving mummy. 

In RE we will be looking at the topic of homes and the rules we live by, answering the question what makes a house a home? Later in the term, children will look at promises, knowing the importance of them and how they can be difficult to keep, making links with actions made.

ICT will see the children create an animated cartoon using character they design and knowing how to use the paint tool in Scratch . The second half of term children will learn how to find and correct bugs in programs.

Rivers will be topic covered in Geography, looking at formation and features, rivers of the world and their use, erosion and linking to our topic of Ancient Egyptian.

Year 3 will start to learn the French language, knowing how to say hello, good-bye and ask how are you?