Class Teacher -Mr K. Whiting

Teaching Assistant - Mrs R Abdi- Stephenson

Welcome to Year 3

This term in English we are reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes and will be creating our own threat narrative and explanation text based on this story. Later on, in the term we will also be reading the Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks and creating our own fable narratives and information texts based on the themes in the story. In our English lessons this term we will be coving lots of new punctuation and grammar devices such as connectives, conjunctions and suffixes. 

The Iron Man: A Children's Story in Five Nights: 1 : Ted Hughes, Tom Gauld:  Amazon.co.uk: Books

In Maths we will be covering place value within 10000, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division using our Power Maths scheme of work. The children’s learning will be greatly supported by accessing Mathletics and Timetable Rockstar’s at home for their weekly homework tasks.

Our RE learning this term will cover the topics of Homes and God’s dream for every family, promises (the promises made at Baptism), Judaism and Visitors at Advent (waiting for the coming of Jesus.) We are looking forward to lots of discussions with the children and inspiring those wonder moments.

During science this term the children will be learning about rocks and animals including humans.

Our humanities focus this term will cover the Stone age, Iron age and Bronze age in our historical studies and fieldwork in our geography lessons – we look forward to building on skills from the previous year.

Our Music focus through Charanga this term will be Let Your Spirit Fly and an introduction to playing Glockenspiel. Both of these topics will focus on listening skills and encourage children to use key musical vocabulary verbally in these lessons.

In our art work this term we will cover formals elements of art (such as shading, using materials such as wire and shape and composition) and Prehistoric art which will be lovely to follow on from our History focus this term.

Our PE sessions this term focus on many different areas and the children are very fortunate to receive some professional coaching on our Outdoor sessions. We will cover body management, invasion games, interpretive dance and athletics.

In ICT this term we will firstly be covering computing systems and networks and how programmes and apps work on the internet and later on the children will use an application Scratch to use their programming skills to animate.

In PSHE the children will be covering Friendship, lessons will include discussions on what makes a good friend and how to maintain friendships. We will also cover Safety both online and in children’s everyday lives.

Our French lessons will include Children learning and repeating greetings and practicing their new skills on one another to have conversations in French. We will also be covering adjectives of colour size and shape.