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Class Teacher - Miss A. Briggs

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Small

Welcome to Class 6B

We are beginning our term by learning about the location of Rainforests on planet Earth. Our learning will engage in debates where we will learn about deforestation and how we can make small changes in our everyday lives to protect our rainforests and the plants, animals and humans that live there. Rainforest Scene

Our music and dance challenges will support our learning about the hemispheres and latitudes. We will learn to recognise some musical notes and about singing in harmony. Dance lessons will give us an opportunity to interpret pitch and create sequences of movement linked to sounds.

As Scientists we will be learning how plants and animals adapt and evolve so that they continue to exist.

In design technology, we will be learning about products which are produced by our rainforests and how we can make choices to sustain life in our rainforests. We will also learn how changes in technology have impacted on deforestation.

In Computing, we will create a travel guide and compose a piece of music using Garage Band.

As artists we will improving our drawing skills. Firstly, we will focus on drawing eyes and patterns that we will find on rainforest animals. This will lead into coloured drawings, paintings and pastel drawings and some 3D modelling with papers and clay.

In History, we will examine artefacts that are part of the learning packs at Scunthorpe Museum. This is to help us to learn how we find out about life in the past by examining evidence, such as objects, diaries, etc. We will also learn how fossils provide us with evidence of how plants and animals have evolved. If you have time to visit the museum, it is located on Owsald Road and has free entry. It would really help your child with their learning, if you could visit.

In PE, we will be focusing on Invasion Games, such as Netball and Football, focusing particularly on the different skills needed to participate in a variety of different sports. This will then lead onto Body Management, focusing on mastering a selection of Gymnastic moves.

We will continue to develop our reading comprehension skills in English. It is particularly important that we read at speed. We will be setting up a lending library so that we can widen our reading opportunities; please encourage your child to read as much as possible.

In RE, we will learn about unconditional love and learn about the Sacrament of the Holy Orders, which links to the sacraments of baptism and confirmation. Also, we will learn about the expectations that God places on us during Advent.

We are working from a new maths’ scheme called ‘Power Maths’ which uses lots of visual representations to help with understanding and long term memory. In addition, we will be working on strategies for tests in short bursts so that your children are happy and confident.

This is an important term and we will be developing resilience, in particular we will be developing the pace that we are working at and preparing ourselves so that we can confidently sit our SATs in May.



  • Reading at least 3 times a week
  • Visit Mathletics – 2000 points per week
  • Learn spellings- list provided each week
  • Also learn to spell the words listed in the reading record.

In addition:

  • A piece of English and a piece of Maths will be set.
  • Homework Challenges