Class Teacher -Miss N. Masterman


Teaching Assistant - Mrs N. Redhead
Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Thompson


We will be starting this half term by looking at Kennings poetry and writing our own linked to our first book ‘Here I am’. Following on from this, we will read and write our own traditional tale based on the story ‘An Egyptian Cinderella’. Before the half term, we will also cover instruction writing, titled ‘How to mummify a Pharaoh’. Throughout the whole of Advent term, we will be consistently working on improving or handwriting and grammatical knowledge. We will cover specific grammatical features such as fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases in order to enhance our writing. Our class novel will be ‘Secrets of a Sun King’.


To start the first half term, we will be covering our place value topics which will introduce four digit numbers to the children. The children will develop skills such as recognising the place value in four digit numbers, counting in multiples and adding and subtracting tens, hundreds and thousands. They will begin to recognise and understand negative numbers and roman numerals. We will then begin our addition and subtraction topic where the children will learn how to add and subtract using a formal written method. This year, we will have a focus on times tables in order to support the children with the Year 4 times table check. The children will have the opportunity to practise their times tables regularly in school and can also access Times Tables Rock stars at home to practise.


Our first science topic this year will be sound. Within this, the children will look at what makes sound and how our ear hears sound. They will also carry out investigations on how the volume and pitch of sound can be changed. We will look at what materials will insulate sound and carry out an investigation into which material would be best to do this. 


We will be looking at computer programming this half term which will enable the children to improve their confidence with the online scratch programme. The children will learn how to write an algorithm for a quiz and will then look at ways to enhance their quiz, for example by adding special effects and sound.


Throughout Advent term, our topic is Walk like an Egyptian. We will spend this half term looking at Ancient Egypt and cover various aspects of Egyptian life. The children will look at how the Egyptians communicated through the use of hieroglyphs and consider how the Ancient Egyptians beliefs differed from our own. They will look at the mummification process and the Pharaohs. They will learn about the discovery of King Tutankhamun by Howard Carter, which links closely with our class novel. 


In RE, we will begin our learning by looking at family trees and consider some significant members of Jesus’ human family. We will then move on to look at the Sacrament of Confirmation and the significance of this, including how this links to our Baptism.


This half term, the children will study Egyptian Death masks, including that of Tutankhamun. They will spend some time looking at the designs of these before creating their own through the use of Mod Roc.


We will be looking at the song ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ this term. The children will consolidate their knowledge on the difference between the pulse, beat, timbre and rhythm. The children will have the opportunity to create their own rhythm.


This term Year 4 will have their PE session on a Wednesday afternoon. Within this, we will be covering invasion games where we will cover specific types of netball passing as well as principles of attack and defence in a game of netball.


In PSHE, we will be covering the British value of democracy and looking at how our democratic system works as well as covering the principles of healthy eating and how to keep ourselves healthy. We will also cover our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the world and how to keep ourselves safe, physically, emotionally and online.


In our weekly French sessions, we will begin with a recap of our learning from Year 3. We will then learn how to count up to 31 in French, how to ask and answer the question ‘When is your birthday?’ and how to say each of the days of the week.