Class Teacher -Miss J. Smith

Teaching Assistant - Mrs C. Stewart

Welcome to Year 4

In English, we are reading the book ‘The Journey' to help us write a refugee narrative. ‘The Journey’ will be a stimulus to help us with our own writing. We will then move onto write a diary entry of a refugee using the book as a stimulus. Later in the term, we will move onto to our final book ‘Man fish’. During the final half term, we learn how to write an invention narrative using the book ‘Man fish’ to support out writing. Our final piece of writing will be a biography based on the ‘Man fish’ book.  

Free Math Clip Art by Phillip Martin

In maths, our units of focus are; Decimals, Money, Time, Statistics and Geometry where we will be learning about angles, 2D shapes and position and direction.  

In RE this term, we will be looking at the following topics; New life, building bridges and God’s people.  In our New Life topic, we are learning and exploring how good news brings life. We are learning how good news brings life and happiness, making links to emotions and how the goodness of others affects people’s behaviors. We are also comparing our ideas to others about new life.  In the topic Building Bridges, we are exploring a range of phrases to describe some religious symbols used in the sacrament of reconciliation. We are learning why believers ask for forgiveness of others, we are making links to show how feelings and beliefs about reconciliation affect their behavior and others. This will help us show a good understanding of religious belief of reconciliation.  In the topic God’s People, we are learning about different saints and ways religion is lived out by each saint. We will be thinking about the certain actions made by each saint and understanding how religious beliefs shape the way people live. 

In Computing, this term we are learning about collaborative working and how to work collaboratively. We are exploring systems that are used to work collaboratively, sharing documents, teamwork and what types of comments can be effective and help people work collaboratively. We will learn how to make collaborative comments on documents and how to use excel spreadsheet.  

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In History, we will be learning about the achievements of the earliest civilizations. We will explore where and when the first civilizations appeared. We will then explore who the ancients Egyptians, where they lived and the achievements of the pharaohs of the old and middle kingdoms. Later in the term we will then explore the pharaoh of the New Kingdom and the achievements the Egyptians made.  

In Science, our first topic is sound. In this topic we are learning what sound is, how it travels, what pitch is and how it can be affected. Our second science topic is states of matter. In this topic we will be learning what matter is and what solids and liquid are. We will then investigate how states of matter can change, how evaporation and condensation works and how materials can change their states of matter. This topic will include a lot of investigation work.  

In DT, we are learning about structures. In this topic we are learning about pavilion structures. Learning, what they are used for and investigating how a strong and stable structure can be created. We then design and create our own pavilion structures. 

Architecture Clip Art by Phillip Martin, Suspension Bridge 

In Geography, we are revisiting the topic rivers from earlier on in the year. We are testing our knowledge to see what we can remember about the Amazon River and the River Nile. We will test our knowledge on the features of rivers, sources and mouths of rivers and the features specifically to the Amazon and the Nile. 

In Music, we are exploring soul and gospel music from Bill Withers, specifically the song Lean on me. In this topic we will listen and appraising soul and gospel music. We will then compose our own music to fit the criteria of soul and gospel music. 

In Art, we are learning about structures. In this topic we will learn about a range of inspirational sculptors and explore their unusual objects they used to create their 3D works of art. We will also create our own sculptures, gathering inspiration from sculptures we have explored.