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Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
Miss L. Dunkerley Mrs S. Coe

Year 5 Curriculum


Welcome to Class 5D

In R.E we are studying Pentecost and the transforming effect Jesus’ resurrection had on Jesus’ apostles. We have been imagining how they were feeling and comparing this to a desolate world without any form of energy whatsoever.

Our current topic is ‘Stone Age Stig’, based on the popular novel by Clive King, Stig of the Dump. Children are researching Stone Age man and are creating their own dioramas (mini models) of Stig’s den.

Space WalkFollowing on from this, our creative curriculum topic later this term will be ‘Is there anybody out there?’ We will be investigating the solar system in science and researching questions about the planets, moon and stars.

We will be arranging our outdoor learning day in May for this summer term where we are in for a real treat with many exciting activities in the open air, whatever the weather!

In literacy and maths we are building on the foundations learnt so far as we develop our understanding of grammatical features and mathematical terms in preparation for the work in year 6.

We are looking forward to perfecting our musical and drama skills in the year 5 and 6 production later in the term.