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Mr R. Dickinson Mrs N. Whitehead Mrs K. Seddon

Year 6 Curriculum


Welcome to Class 6D

Over the next term, our creative curriculum topic will be Crime and Punishment. We will be looking at the different horrifying crimes that took place throughout history from Rotten Romans to the Vile Victorians. We will also be investigating the gruesome punishments that were inflicted on the criminals. For independent learning, we will be working together in groups to build our own museums and hopefully inviting parents to see our creations. 

Crime Scene

In English, we will be continuing to work on our grammar skills, as this will help us with our writing skills. We are going to become mystery writers this term, as we will be writing our own mystery stories thinking carefully about their features and different styles. We will be writing our own fairy tale crime sprees – using traditional tales and making them into criminal cases. This will also link to journalistic writing and non-fiction.

Maths will continue as before, preparing the children for secondary school and making sure they are confident with all aspects of the primary maths curriculum.

The famous graffiti artist, Banksy, will be our inspiration for our art work this term. Making our own spray painted art pieces that not only represent his style but match us.

PGL is also fast approaching, as we go on 9th June for the weekend – we cannot wait for all the outward bound activities that are planned.

Summer Spectacular will also be taking place this term, so we will be rehearsing and having some fun. 

During PPA sessions, we will be continuing with French, Music, Computing and PE with the Junior Jam staff.