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Class Teacher - Mrs K. Matthews

Class Teacher - Mrs S. Dalton (Thursdays and Fridays)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs D. Di Stefano

Teaching Assistant - Miss J. Driffill


Welcome to Class 5M

In English this term, we are looking at Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong linking to our creative curriculum topic of Romans. We will be investigating the influence that Latin has played on the development of the English language. Throughout all our written work, we will be improving and practising our grammar skills and spellings, as well as developing our comprehension skills. We hope to continue broadening our vocabulary to make our written work more interesting.

To support learning in English, we will be carrying out guided reading lessons every day, where children will be exposed to new vocabulary, working in small groups to discuss both fiction and non-fiction texts.

During our Maths lessons, we will be building on our previously learnt number skills – knowledge of place value up to 1 000 000, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing and then progress onto fractions, decimals and handling data. We will also be building on our knowledge of times tables with weekly times table tests and metal maths tests to develop the speed of our mental recall of methods.

In our Topic work, we are learning about Romans and the influence they have had on Britain. We are looking forward to finding out about invasion, buildings, roads, gods and goddesses, Roman Baths and other inventions they gave us.

In our Science lessons, we are beginning by exploring forces. We will be learning about balanced and unbalanced forces, friction and other forces. This will lead us onto exploring pulleys, leavers and gears.

In our RE topic this term, we will be reflecting on what makes us unique and learning about the martyr Maximilian Kolbe. This will help us to understand the importance of peacemakers in our lives today and how we live as children of God. It should certainly help us to appreciate our parents and all the people in our lives who sacrifice so much for us every day.



In Year 5, children are expected to complete a minimum of 2000 points on Mathletics each week, 3 reads at home each week, spelling homework each week, as well as any English or Maths sheets to consolidate learning from lessons.

Mathletics – checked every Monday morning

Spellings – given out on a Friday, returned to school the following Thursday

Reading – checked on a Thursday

English/Maths – sent out on a Friday to be returned the following Monday