Year 4W

Class Teacher – Mrs A. Wardle

Teaching Assistant – Mrs L. Vitello

Welcome to Year 4


This term in English, our first focus will be to write an information report on a polar bear using the book Leaf. We then are looking at a myth called Arthur and the Golden Rope and we will be writing our exciting myth. We will then be moving on to writing an instruction guide on how to defeat a Viking monster. Later on, in the term, we will be looking at the twisted narrative The Lost Happy Endings and writing out our twisted ending to a traditional tale and then writing a persuasive letter to the witch asking her to return the lost happiness.


In math, our units of focus are; multiplication and division, length and perimeter, and fractions and decimals.


In RE, we are focusing on the Local Church, specifically the community. We will be exploring the theme of the ‘Local church’ and how the parish is where people gather together to celebrate and practice care and love for each other, and how the dioceses are the community of the Christian faith. Later on, in the term we will be exploring the topic, ‘Giving and receiving’. In this topic, we will learn about when we celebrate the Eucharist Jesus gives himself to us in word and sacrament and how we are called to follow the examples of Jesus. Then we will move on to exploring Self-disciple, where we will learn how people self-discipline through the practice of prayer, fasting and almsgiving and how people unite themselves with Jesus.


In Geography, we are exploring longitude and latitude. In this topic we will be learning about: longitude and latitude, the northern and southern hemisphere, the equator and the rotation of day and night.  Later in the term, we will be learning about the water cycle, how it works and the effects of the water cycle.


In Science, we are looking at Digestion, Teeth and Later on, in the term, we will be exploring Food Chains. In these topics, we will explore the different types of teeth both animals and humans have and what their functions are. Learn about the simple functions of the human digestive system and be able to name each part. And learn about a variety of food chains and producers, predators and prey.

Design and Technology

In DT, our first focus will be textiles. In this topic, we will be developing our sewing skills and exploring different ways of fastening materials together. Later in the term, we will be learning about structures. Specifically, which shapes give structure stability? To do this we will think about forces which may impact the stricture and investigate strength and stability using a range of geometric shapes.

Art and Design

In Art, we will be learning printmaking and textiles. In this topic, we will be exploring a range of artists and craftspeople and their work, we will be using techniques of dye to create texture and design, create geometrical patterns and combine these to create a design.


In History, we are learning about the Vikings. We are building on what we learnt about Anglo-Saxons the last term and are now focusing on the Vikings and their struggle for the Kingdom of England in the time of King Edward the Confessor. In this Topic, we will learn about the cause of the Viking invasion and the chronological order of the Viking’s struggle.