Easter Activities

Design and Make an Easter Bonnet

Making Easter bonnets is a fantastic, fun Easter activity for you and your little ones.


Easter egg hunt

You don't need a lot of participants for an Easter egg hunt, just one child is enough.

If you've got a garden you could hide some eggs outside, but an entirely indoor Easter egg hunt still works.

Hide some in obvious locations, for instance, on the sofa, and some in more difficult places like in a plant pot.

Egg and Spoon Race

The egg and spoon race is a tradition in British primary schools. This year, children won't be able to take part in the classic event... so why not bring it home?

You can use raw eggs if playing outside, but boiled eggs would be less messy if you are playing indoors. You could even use chocolate eggs to avoid any cleaning up.

The first player to reach the other end of the 'track' without their egg falling is the winner.

Get creative in the kitchen

Too many chocolate eggs at home? Why not melt them down and make something more interesting.

Ideas include chocolate-covered strawberries or fondue. You could even use the chocolate in a cake recipe.

Ask your child what their favourite chocolate dessert is and let them help you make it with the leftover eggs.

Easter Gardens 

Children can design and make their own Easter gardens using things from around the house and garden. 


Easter Research 

Children can research how other countries celebrate Easter; looking at their traditions and festivals. They can then design a poster, PowerPoint or even film a documentary. 

Easter Boardgame

The children can design and make their own Easter themed board game designing their own rules, pieces and board. 

Easter Egg 

Design and draw an Easter egg. 

Other Easter Activities

The link below has lots of art and crafts ideas for your children to do at home: