Parents are always welcome to come into our school.  We have very much enjoyed seeing so many of you who have taken time to watch our class assemblies recently. We are especially pleased to see parents who feel that they can give some time to help us in the classroom or with a special project. 

You are also welcome to attend our regular class Masses that take place in the school Chapel.  A time table of which can be found below.

This section of the website contains some additional information for parents about the school.

We have included lunchtime arrangements and menus, clubs and activities and a page to tell you about the recently formed Parents association.


Class news and pictures of activities will appear on some of the web pages. Children’s full names will not appear, only first names if needed.  If you object to your child’s photo going on the website, either in a class photo or in any school activities, please let us know immediately.

Public performances will be filmed by the school if all parents, who have children involved, agree.

Photos may be taken by parents at the end of performances or at school activities if all parents agree.

Class Masses

Key Stage 2 pupils take place in class masses. The timetable shows which date each class will participate in the Mass. If you would like to attend one of the masses it is advisable to check with the school on the day to make sure that it will still take place.