Sports Premium

From September 2017 the Sports Premium has been significantly increased, as the Government continues to be concerned and wishes to support high levels of physical activity, low levels of childhood obesity and active adult lifestyles for our children.

Originally this grant was given to all schools by the Government in the wake of the 2012 Olympics in order to raise standards in physical skills and games. It has also been brought into being in order to support more young people in taking part in physical activity, and gaining good habits that support a healthy lifestyle. As we have stated the remit of the grant has become wider and its importance has grown.

The social aspects of sport can also often be beneficial to all children, confidence and wellbeing can develop from taking part in physical activities. However, some children do not enjoy physical activity; they may be overweight, poor in their coordination or lack confidence and thus they feel alienated from these kinds of activities, when they are some of the children that we most want to inspire to be more active. From 2017 Sports Premium supports some of the mental health agendas associated with good eating and activity habits.

St. Augustine Webster is a very inclusive school and, whilst we support the more able pupils in the field of physical activity, we actively support all children in taking part in all activities. No child is ever excluded from an activity because they do not have the correct kit or are not supported to attend an event. Any child with any physical difficulty is supported (with reference to parents) in order to take part appropriately.

To make sure we aim to reach our goals during 2018-2019, we buy in to the Sports Partnership ‘Get Ahead Scheme’.

The Get Ahead Partnership is a school based scheme that provide a vital service in physical activity, health and well-being to give children every opportunity to be healthy in both mind and body. One of the key areas for our school is the development of opportunities in PE and sport for all. We will benefit from wide range of programmes and competitions available to schools in North Lincolnshire as well as raising the profile of PE.

Through the delivery of High Quality PE we hope that every child with leave our school enthused motivated and inspired around sport and exercise. We hope that every child will be confident to try new sports and many of them will excel.

Sport Premium Report