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F1- Bumblebees

Class Teacher -Miss B. Peterson

Early Years Practitioner - Mrs S. Milner

F2 - Ladybirds and Dragonflies


Ladybirds Teacher - Mrs D. Taylor

Dragonflies Teacher - Miss J. Danby

Early Years Practitioner t -  Mrs K. Rayner
Teaching Assistant -  Mrs A. Hussain
Teaching Assistant -  Mrs N. Whitehead

What to Expect When Guide for Parents

In Foundation children from three years to five years learn together in themed learning areas. The younger children are Bumblebees (F1) and the older children are Dragonflies or Ladybirds (F2).

Enter ‘The Workshop’ to explore tools and materials, mix colours and experiment with textures.  Explore your imagination, expressing ideas and creating representations of your experiences. Here you can produce models, sculptures and a variety of artwork.  Use ICT to find information, programme toys and explore media.

Enter ‘The Discovery Zone’ to solve problems and develop ideas in different ways. You can do this by using the small construction resources or the wet sand. Use the role play area to get into character and be imaginative or expressive. Let’s be explorers and investigate similarities, differences, patterns and change in objects and materials. You can also experiment with ideas involving numbers, shape and measure in our maths area.

Enter ‘The Hive’ to use your imagination and to try out ideas based on familiar experiences. Take on a role as part of a family using the home corner or dolls house. Use tools, manipulate materials and explore using all the senses in the dough area. Make fantastic constructions in the block play area. Take the train on a journey to absolutely anywhere!

Enter The Outdoors.  Being outdoors offers a unique learning experience, allowing children to explore ideas on a large scale.  Come outdoors to be at one with nature and experience the elements.  Construct using crates, planks, ropes and material.  Act out experiences using large small world animals and dinosaurs or seek out challenges to resolve using water resources.  The possibilities are endless!

Children know that these opportunities are always available and they know where to find them. In addition to this continuous provision, children will also learn through direct, adult led teaching and learn to bond as a group with their class friends. Join us on our exciting learning journey.