Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Early Reading Lead – Mr R Dickinson

Reading is incredibly important and is a focus even before children start with us: we ensure that they are enrolled into the North Lincolnshire Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – this way we then know all of our children are receiving their FREE entitlement until they turn 5 years. Reading is continued to be promoted in EYFS through a range of transition opportunities with children and their parents/carers. We also deliver parent workshops to support phonic progression at home and make links with the Local Authority to promote the importance of reading.

We use a validated Department for Education complete systematic synthetics phonics (SSP) programme. We use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised (2021) SSP. We follow their progression, planning and teaching delivery and methods to ensure our children learn to read as quickly as reasonably possible. This in turn means that children can then use their reading skills to support the rest of their learning.

Early Reading and Phonics Parent Meeting PowerPoint

Parent and Carers Guide to Pronouncing Phonemes

It is really important that the sounds are said clearly and without any other sound attached. When sounds are not said correctly, it can confuse children and they can sometimes struggle to put the sounds together to make the word.

Little Wandle at Home

You can now buy the Little Wandle at Home Phonics Flashcards

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Grapheme Mats