Design and Technology

“The designer does not begin with some preconceived idea. Rather, the idea is the result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of that idea.”

— Paul Rand


Design and Technology subject lead: Miss B. Peterson


At Saint Augustine Webster Catholic Voluntary Academy, we aim to provide high quality design and technology sessions which prepare our children to take part in the development of tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. Creative thinking encourages children to make positive changes to their quality of life. It is our intention for children to become autonomous, creative problem solvers both as individuals and as part of a team. This will enable them to identify needs and opportunities where they can then respond by developing ideas, and eventually making products and systems.

Embedded in the heart of design and technology, we aim to weave our Catholic values into our teaching. Through kindness, children will develop an appreciation of the beauty and wonder and how they can impact on creating a wonderful world for future generations. Children will also develop an awareness that they belong to a community, evolving mindfulness about how our ever-changing world can be improved. Most importantly, we will continually teach our children to have faith! Faith to know it is acceptable to make mistakes; we learn from failures and build resilience to try again having hope for the final product.

Through the study of design and technology, children will be able to combine practical skills with an ever-developing understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, together with functions and industrial practices. Time to reflect and evaluate effectively is crucial and allows children to develop an awareness of past and present design and technology, its uses and its impacts.

We are considerate of cognitive load and represent our lessons in a way which will not overload the children’s working memory. Our children will be taught design and technology in a way that ensures progression of skills, and follows a sequence to build on previous learning, ensuring they make progress. Vocabulary at Saint Augustine Webster CVA is extremely important and this is evident in our design and technology curriculum.

Overall, we believe that design and technology will help all children to become discriminating and informed consumers and potential future innovators.


We follow a broad and balanced design and technology curriculum that builds on previous learning and provides both support and challenge for learners. We follow a design and technology scheme called Kapow, that ensures a progression of skills and covers all aspects of the KS1 and KS2 design and technology curriculum; currently not including EYFS. Within the EYFS curriculum, aspects included within Expressive Art & Design are a huge focus for development together with many of the Characteristics of Effective Learning.  

The Kapow design and technology curriculum categorizes the content into five areas: Cooking and Nutrition, Mechanisms, Structures, Textiles and Electrical Systems. Aside from Electrical Systems, which is KS2 only, each of these acts as the focus for a unit within each year group. The first four strands of the design and technology national curriculum (Design, Make, Evaluate, and Technical Knowledge) run through each unit; with Cooking and Nutrition as the focus of one unit per year.

Each year group has five units to teach across the year with a clear progression from Y1 to Y6. Every unit has a series of four lessons supporting the curriculum strands with specific curriculum links. For example, when Y1 teach Food the focus strands include Design, Make, Evaluate, and Cooking and Nutrition. Together, through the combination of the design and technology process and access to learnt computing and science knowledge, they finish with their own Smoothie! The children’s work is presented through a combination of both written and photographic evidence, in specific design and technology books for reference and assessment.


The implementation of this curriculum ensures that when our children leave Saint Augustine Webster CVA, they will have enjoyed and valued design and technology knowing WHY they and doing things and not just HOW! The impact for our children will be that they understand and appreciate design and technology in the context of their own wellbeing, within the creative and cultural industries, and their many career opportunities.

We will measure the impact of design and technology through:


If you were to walk into a design and technology lesson at Saint Augustine Webster you would see:

Design and Technology skills progression grid

Design and Technology plan

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