Phonics and Reading

Phonic Programme - Read Write Inc.

We use a phonic and reading programme called ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ It is rooted in synthetic phonics and has been tried and tested in many schools. The children learn sounds quickly in a fun way. When they know the sounds well, and can blend, they then read books that are carefully matched to the sounds they know. This means that children are successful from the very beginning and build on this early success to develop comprehension, spelling and writing skills. This is such an intensive programme that the majority of children learn to read really quickly with it.

All children from F1- Y2 use it, some at an accelerated pace. The lessons take place every day and will entail children working in different groups, sometimes with a TA or another teacher. Children may move to a different class or learning area for these lessons. There may be related homework with some of the programme and we would be grateful if you could ensure that it is done. Most children complete the programme during Y2 but some children may need to continue on it for a little longer. 

To learn more about it visit the Read, Write, Inc. website (Just type Read, Write, Inc. into a search engine). There is also a parents’ letter there that you may find useful.

Importance of Reading at Home

Speed Sounds 1

Speed Sounds 2

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