Curriculum provision for PHSE is combined within the teaching of other subjects/ curriculum areas, through school activities and events, and by flexible use of discrete curriculum time.

Throughout the school, pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe in both the wider environment and the ever changing online world. They are actively encouraged to value themselves as developing individuals and as responsible members of the local and wider community. Pupils are given flexibility in their approach to personalised learning through the use of independent time when they are encouraged to develop their own ideas and interests within given parameters.

Provision for the non-statutory guidelines is made throughout many subject areas within our creative curriculum, but in particular throughout the Science and Religious Education topics.

Throughout the school, many of our Science topics link to drugs, medicines, health, safety and the environment, with emphasis placed on developing a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Religious Education provides opportunities for children to be taught religious and moral beliefs, values and practices that influence personal and social issues and relationships. Our collective worship provides further opportunities for our pupils to develop their spiritual, social, moral and cultural development.

Our pupils have a voice through the school council, who are democratically voted annually. The council meets regularly to discuss ongoing issues and new ideas.

An elected Eco council is responsible for environmental issues around the school including recycling.

Year 6 Playground friends are trained to provide support, encouragement and ideas to pupils feeling unhappy at break times. They are introduced to the school at the beginning of the year and are easily identified by their tabards and badges.

Pupils regularly raise funds for charity, with particular focus on the Haven of Hope School in Zambia and are encouraged to make small changes to their own lives in order to benefit others in the wider community.