Class Teacher -Mrs A. Smolinska

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Thompson

Welcome to Year 1

Firstly, can we say that it is an absolute pleasure to, once again, have classes full of enthusiastic children. All of our pupils are settling well.


This term in RE, we will be learning about Families. We will discuss the love and care shown in our families and reflect on God’s love and care for every family. In our next topic, ‘Belonging’, we will be talking about our experiences of belonging to different groups. We will discuss how through Baptism we become a part of God’s Family. Later on in Advent term we will be preparing for the celebration of Christmas, the birthday of Jesus, through our ‘Waiting’ topic.

In Maths we will be learning place value – numbers to 10, part - whole within 10, addition and subtraction within 10, 2D and 3D shapes and numbers to 20. Children will continue to use visual representations and manipulatives. As part of their homework children are expected to complete 1 000 Mathletics points each week.

We have adopted the ‘Little Wandle’ phonics and reading programme. We started our Advent term by revising sounds and words within Phase 3 and 4. Children are encouraged to access Reading Eggs at home.

We have lots of exciting wider curriculum learning opportunities to look forward to. In Geography we will learn about the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We will look closely at Great Britain, its four countries, their capital cities, and the surrounding seas.



In History, we will be learning about events within living memory. We look at the types of toys that they have played with during their early years and how their toys change as they learn and grow.

As Scientists we will be learning about the seasonal changes, how to describe the weather and we will answer the question ‘Why does day become night?’.

In PSHE, we will talk about ways that we show that we care and to look after each other and why following the rules is important.

In our Music lessons, we will listen to famous pieces of music and begin to say why we like or dislike them. As we are not able to sing, we will play a range of percussion instruments and compose our own music. We will also dance and enjoy different types of music.

In Design Technology, we will be learning how to make paper mechanisms. We will experiment with sliders and then making three pages of a moving story book, based on a familiar story. Later on, in Advent term we will design and construct a windmill for a client (mouse) to live in. We will explore various types of windmill, how they work and their key features.

As artists we will look at the formal elements of art focussing on the development of colour, form, line, shape, texture, tone, and pattern. These skills will be then applied and developed further in the other year groups.Painter

In our Computing lessons, we will learn how to use mouse and later on during Advent term we will learn about algorithms. We will follow and create the sets of instructions and build the understanding of how the instructions must be specific. We will be learning how to debug the algorithms. The process of debugging is explored through maps and a set of directions with ‘bugs’ or mistakes in them.

In PE our units are body management and locomotion. Within locomotion we will be learning to move in a variety of ways and how to develop and refine these movements. Within body management we will be learning to balance using a range of body parts and perform a sequence.

We are working on pencil control, letter formation and high-quality presentation, and we will be encouraging the children to work independently in all subjects